The Stuntwoman’s Workout: Get Your Body Ready for Anything


The Stuntwoman's Workout: Get Your Body Ready for AnythingTo perform the dangerous, awe-inspiring stunts and daring feats for Hollywood’s top action movies, stuntwoman Danielle Burgio needs to stay in peak physical condition. In The Stuntwoman’s Workout: Get Your Body Ready for Anything she shares the exclusive fitness program that allows her to meet any challenge on the big screen and in real life. This full-color fitness book provides a comprehensive workout that shows regular people how to get in action-star shape. You’ll learn to:

  • Shed pounds with cardio exercises and muscle toning.
  • Strengthen your body with martial arts and gymnastics.
  • Increase focus, flexibility, and coordination with exercises that promote total body awareness and overall wellness.
  • Energize workouts with speed and endurance exercises.

With more than 50 exercises that build strength, concentration, and well-being, The Stuntwoman’s Workout is your ultimate guide to staying fit and embracing a life full of action.

About the Authors
Jennifer Worick is co-author of The Action Heroine’s Handbook. She lives in Philadelphia.

Danielle Burgio is a longtime Hollywood stuntwoman who has worked on The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolution, Daredevil, Pearl Harbor, Blade, Angel, Birds of Prey, Crossing Jordan, Monster-in-Law, Will & Grace, and other TV shows and movies.