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Martial Arts & Action Entertainment covers martial arts and action in the entertainment industry. Our Who’s Who includes stunt performers, action actors, action directors and action choreographers. We have entertainment news about martial arts movies, documentaries, television, radio and theatrical releases. We cover martial arts entertainment related activities including conventions, seminars and events. We offer information about job opportunities, casting calls, and more. We are the #1 web site covering martial arts in entertainment. One of our goals is to help martial artists expand their contributions to the entertainment industry.

Martial Arts Entertainment authors share articles that entertain, inform and educate with the goal of improving careers for martial artists and those in the action entertainment industry and to provide information making it easier for those in the industry who wish to add top notch martial arts action to their projects.

If you work in the entertainment industry and would like to share an article that will inspire, educate, or help improve careers for martial artists who work in the entertainment industry, we would love to have you share your knowledge with others through MartialArtsEntertainment.com. If you are a martial artist working in the industry as an Action Director or a Stunt or Fight Choreographer, or as an Actor and/or Stunt Person, send us your biography and a link to your demo reels or trailers on YouTube or Vimeo. Also feel free to send us your press releases if they are related to news about martial arts and action entertainment.

Martial Arts Entertainment is the Entertainment section of USAdojo.com, a website that is all about martial arts. USAdojo.com provides information about martial arts systems and styles and has hundreds of martial arts biographies about instructors from around the world. We also have some of the most knowledgeable writers on martial arts topics. USAdojo.com’s Learning Center has lists of martial arts books, magazines, DVDs, APPs and an extensive martial arts dictionary, and vocabulary and word pronunciation information. Our Instructor’s Center offers lots of different information for Martial Arts instructors  including curriculum information on running schools and more. Our Training Center offers training and fitness articles for all kinds of martial arts systems and styles.

It is our goal to benefit the Martial Arts Community worldwide through our websites and we love to receive input to help us improve what we do. All our sites reach out to martial artists everywhere.

Another way we reach out to the Martial Arts community is by sending out a martial arts newsletter.

We also invite you to visit Fightcon.com, our video web site were  you can upload and watch thousands of martial arts videos.

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We have attempted to organize the information on Martial Arts Entertainment in a logical manner. Input that would improve the site is always appreciated. The hierarchy of names will be in alphabetical order, not in order of rank or importance, accept where responsibility may prevail.

We decided not to separate out the biographies in the Who’s Who section because so many martial artists are both actors, stunt persons, directors and choreographers etc. so you will find only one category for Who’s Who. Remember, you can always search for an individual, and you may find both a biography and articles about that individual.

We receives hundreds of emails daily, many of these emails requesting that we add the attached information to this site. We attempt to make sure that we have permission to use any information submitted and that the information is correct and credit is give to the proper source. Sometimes, however, we make mistakes. If you find information on our site that shouldn’t be here or that has incorrect credits, please contact us and we will rectify the information by removing the information if so desired, or by correcting the credits. We in no way wish to do harm to anyone, we simply want to promote martial arts entertainment and martial artists in the best atmosphere possible.


Another sister site of Martial Arts Entertainment is the Martial Arts Schools and Businesses Directory, or FindADojo.com, a directory for listing martial arts schools, businesses, organizations, events and more.

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