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The anticipated action thriller, Transit 17 (2019), starring our own Zara Phythian and Silvio Simac, is out on VOD on October 22, 2019. The film is about a team of resistance soldiers who fight to save a young girl who seems to be the last hope for a cure after a virus infects France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Read More

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Amin Joseph

Amin Joseph was born on April 26, 1980. He is a graduate of Howard University and a protégé of the world famous Apollo Theater...

Hiroyuki Ikeuchi

Roman Mitichyan

Roman Mitichyan

Hank Garrett


Franco Columbu was Amazing in So Many Ways

Franco Columbu was 78 when he died in a drowning accident in San Teodoro, Sardinia, Italy on August 30, 2019. He was an Italian...


Reel East

Hong Kong Based Reel East has Last of Bruce Lee Legacy

Hong Kong based Reel East has all that remains of the classic movie memorabilia from Bruce Lee’s legendary movies! The company sells the posters, lobbycards...

Creed (2015)

Update: Sylvester Stallone was nominated for an Oscar for his role as Rocky Balboa in Creed (2015). Creed (2015) is a spin-off, as well as...

Dragons Forever (1980)

Directors: Sammo Hung Kam-Bo, Corey Yuen Writers: Gordon Chan (original story), Yiu Ming Leung (original story) Stars: Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung Kam-Bo and Biao Yuen Dragons Forever...

Vixen (2018)

The Great Wall (2016)

Moon Warriors (1993)

Never Surrender Official Trailer (2009)

Never Surrender (2009)


Girls Grappling and Grit (2019)

Girls Grappling and Grit (2019) is a documentary discussing the growth of women and girls in wrestling from elementary school, college, and beyond. Filmmaker MarQ...

This Changes Everything (2018)

The American documentary, This Changes Everything (2018) is directed by Tom Donahue. It is the follow-up to his documentary Casting By (2013) and in...
Check Out Women In Stunts
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Tarantino Gets It Wrong With Bruce Lee Depiction in “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”

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Gene Ching

Gene Ching

Gene Ching is the Associate Publisher of Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine and, the largest English language magazine and website devoted exclusively to...

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Action For Actors Academy With John Kreng and Melissa Tracy

12 Week Live Action Actors Seminar Where: Los Angeles, CA 90016 When: August 25, 2019 for 12 Consecutive Weeks (Minus Holidays) Can't start on the above date, fill...


Top 10 Self Defense Martial Arts Styles

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Mark Grove: Get A Career in Action Entertainment

Get Your Career in ACTION 1

Martial artist, actor, stuntman and film director Mark Grove offers his considerable experience in Hollywood movie making to help you get a career in...


How Tos and Tips

How To Get a Great Acting Headshot

In this series we are trying to help aspiring martial arts models and future film stars reach their goals and dreams of making it...

How To Ruin A Fight Scene

Fred Williamson, star of That Man Bolt, learns the strenuous art of falling under the watchful eye of stunt choreographer Emil Farkas (Center) "I haven't done...


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