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Actress Samaire Armstrong was trained by her family as a warrior,  studying the sword and practicing judo while growing up in Japan. She appeared in the hit TV show “The O.C.,” and came out of the closet as a conservative in Hollywood. She encourages others like her to speak out against the forced conformity and cancel culture that permeates the industry.

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Woo-ping Yuen

Woo-ping Yuen, a Chinese stuntman, actor, martial arts choreographer and film director was born in 1945 in Guangzhou, China. He is renowned as one...

Robert Chapin

Brahim Achabbakhe

Daniel Zirilli

Ing-Sik Whang


Franco Columbu was Amazing in So Many Ways

Franco Columbu was 78 when he died in a drowning accident in San Teodoro, Sardinia, Italy on August 30, 2019. He was an Italian...


Reel East

Hong Kong Based Reel East has Last of Bruce Lee Legacy

Hong Kong based Reel East has all that remains of the classic movie memorabilia from Bruce Lee’s legendary movies! The company sells the posters, lobbycards...

The Invincible Armour (1977)

In The Invincible Armour (1977), Minister Cheng, who is the Emperor's Minister, is an authoritarian ruler who arranges for Hu Lung, one of his...

Beyond The Line (2019)

Vision Films presents an action-packed WWII feature film, BEYOND THE LINE. The film is available on DVD and VOD beginning on June 28th, 2019! Hollywood,...

Tekken (2010)

Heart of Dragon (1985)


Iron Fists and Kung-Fu Kicks (2019)

The Iron Fists and Kung-Fu Kicks (2019) documentary is the history of Hong Kong martial arts cinema and its influence. The documentary examines the...

Director Maria Morgunova Interview About Karate in Ontario: The Uphill Battle

Julian Galitsin: The Uphill Battle is an award-winning documentary. There are many leading karate experts in Ontario including coaches, judges, and elite athletes who...

This Changes Everything (2018)

The Last Dojo (2018)

Check Out Women In Stunts

Tarantino Gets It Wrong With Bruce Lee Depiction in “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”

Asian Romance Dramas

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Duke Tirschel

Duke Tirschel

Duke Tirschel is a multi-talented man. An undefeated boxer and professional full-contact fighter, Duke Tirschel has had one of those lives that only unique...

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Aidas Reklys Seminar

On Tuesday, April 28, 2020 from 2:00pm to 3:00pm Central Time (CDT), 8 time national champion, international coach, inventor and producer Aidas Reklys will...


Top 10 Self Defense Martial Arts Styles

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How To Get Into Hollywood Martial Arts Movies with Don Wilson

How To Get Into Hollywood Martial Arts Movies with Don Wilson stars action star and kickboxing champion Don "The Dragon" Wilson. In these interviews...


Advice on Becoming Action Film Heroes

  'Expendables' stars offer advice on becoming an action film heroes My Fox Detroit - Sylvester Stallone and his action movie buddies are back with another...

The Anatomy of a Fight Scene

In The Anatomy of a Fight Scene, Tri Nguyen breaks down how expertly timed fight choreography can show you how to tell a story...


Check Out Women In Stunts

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