Mark V Wiley is a producer and writer, known for Made in Chinatown (2019), Chinatown Horror Story (2018) and Jun (2017). He is also a martial arts grandmaster, holistic healer, and author.

His interest in traditional health practices was not just a mere curiosity; he was looking for long-lasting relief from the debilitating migraines and chronic pain that plagued him from childhood. He began martial arts training in 1979 and the study of mind-body health practices in 1987.

Since 1994, Mark V Wiley has been conducting extensive training and research in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan. Dr. Mark has a Master’s in Health Care Management, and Doctorate’s in both Alternative Medicine and Oriental Medicine. He has authored 15 books and has served as editor of the publications, Martial Arts Illustrated, Martial Arts Legends, Tambuli, Martial Arts Masters Magazine, Journal of Asian Martial Arts, Quality of Life, and The Catalyst Review, and for the companies Tuttle Publishing, Agora Publishing, and Unique Publications. He is a heath contributor to Easy Health Options, The Healthy Back Institute, The Chinese Medicine Academy, The Pavilion Center, and is the CEO and publisher of Tambuli Media and producer of Tambuli Films.

Mark V Wiley has written what many consider the classic books on Filipino martial arts (Filipino Martial Culture, Filipino Fighting Arts, Mastering Eskrima Disarms, among others), and is a disciple of the late great grandmasters Antonio Ilustrisimo, Angel Cabales, Herminio Binas and Alex Co. He has taught seminars in the USA, Europe and Asia as well as having traveled and trained in the Philippines on no less than 15 separate occasions, not to mention his multiple trips to Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong and having lived in Japan. He is president of Integrated Eskrima International and the International Beng Hong Athletic Association. His latest project is the film “Made in Chinatown.”

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