Michael Depasquale Jr.

Producer, stunt coordinator, actor, publisher, and world renowned martial artist, Michael DePasquale Jr, is the creator of the Action Film Academy which has held training throughout the United States including including in Burbank, Atlanta, New York State, Ohio, and at Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington, North Carolina.

As an actor, stuntman and stunt coordinator. Michael Depasquale Jr has appeared in the movies Bloodmoon (1997), The King of the Kickboxers (1990), No Retreat, No Surrender 3: Blood Brothers (1990), American Shaolin (1991), and The Power Within (1995). He has starred in “China Heat” and “The Cutoff” (for which he was also producer, casting director, and stunt coordinator). He has appeared in numerous TV shows and is a member of the Screen Actors Guild. He is also the president and founder of the Screen Action Stunt Association, which is listed in the prestigious Ross Report Book under Unions and Associations.

As a martial artist, Michael Depasquale Jr. is a 10th Degree Grandmaster of the Youshitsune Waza style of Ju-Jitsu and he developed his own self-defense style, DePasquale Combat Ju-Jitsu.  Michael was named “Martial Arts Star of the Year” by Official Karate Magazine in 1977. He was the creator of one of the original martial arts web sites known as the Martial Arts Worldwide Network and was the Publisher/Editor of Karate International Magazine which has international distribution. He was also the author of 8 books.

Michael Depasquale Jr. was the Founder of the Federation of United Martial Artists (FUMA)- Crusade Against Crime and drugs and the President of the International Federation of Ju-Jutsuans.

Michael was the creator of several animated children’s properties, The Maxx Team and The Karate Creatures. Michael has been the Commentator and Judge for 9 Ultimate Fighting Championships, and many other martial arts tournaments. He has been the MC for many martial arts events including Alan Goldberg’s Action Martial Arts Magazine’s Hall of Honors in Atlantic City, the world’s largest event of its kind.