Karate Do (2019)

Karate Do (2019) PosterKarate Do (2019) is an action drama written by Dan NiebauerGabrielle Niebauer and directed by James Niebauer. The film stars Daniel NiebauerGabrielle NiebauerHeather Alexander. Numerous martial artists have roles in the film including Gary Goltz (judo), Eugene Morales and Sandra Morales (Aikido), Zhong Xuechao (Tai Chi), Ty, Lynn and Keelan Aponte (karate), and Tom Tew and Leslie Greco (Kendo).

In Karate Do (2019), Nicki Wright learns the meaning of acceptance after being reunited with her father who reluctantly teaches her martial arts.

Nicki Wright is a troubled 23 year old. After finishing rehab and getting in a fight, her mom sends her to live with her dad, who abandoned her when she was young. Her father, Cliff, teaches her the meaning of karate which sends her on a spiritual journey. Her journey takes her through Kendo, Aikido, Judo and Karate training and gives her a new found purpose in life – to teach women self defense.

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