The new Max Martini film The Manson Brothers Midnight Zombie Massacre is an upcoming horror comedy production set to begin production in 2019.

According to the New Mexico State Film Office, the film will be shot mainly in Santa Fe and Espanola and is set to begin principal photography in the middle of April and shooting is to begin in early May.

According to publicity materials, The Manson Brothers is about two masked professional wrestling villains in decline who try to make a living “on the shady underbelly of the independent pro-wrestling circuit.”

Mona Vista Productions is making The Manson Brothers Midnight Zombie Massacre, which is helmed by actor-director Max Martini (Fifty Shades of Grey, Captain Phillips) and produced by Michael Hagerty. Actors include Mike Carey (Chicago Fire, Crisis), Chris Margetis (Night Fangs, Frankenstein Day of the Beast),Martial artist Randy Couture (Expendables, Hawaii Five-O, Ballers), and Bas Rutten, (Paul Blart, Mall Cop, Zookeeper) and D.B. Sweeney (Hawaii Five-O, The Night Shift).

In a December 2018 interview with L’etage Magazine, Martini said the film has to do with “well… zombies. And hilarious.”