TIP #22 — Lose the not so cleverly descriptive middle name!

And why, you may ask?

1. It will have the opposite effect on what you are trying to sell yourself as, if you name yourself Bill TheGreatestActorEver Johnson. People in this town will assume that you are a terrible actor! I mean let’s face it, have you ever heard of a movie staring Tom TheThespian Cruise, Will, Charisma Smith, or directed by Martin TheGenius Scorsese?

2. It places you firmly in the “not to be taken seriously” category! As this is a ‘don’t tell me, show me” kind of town.”

3. It’s really ghetto!

4. I mean REALLY ghetto.

5. It feels desperate, not confident.

Note: Fighters and Rapper are exempt — and pimps.

I hope this little bit of friendly advice was helpful as you pursue your Hollywood career.

Ben TheGreatAdviceGiver Ramsey