Alexander Rei Lo

Martial artist, stuntman and actor, Alexander Rei Lo won the Taiwan 1978 Tae Kwan do championship. He got into the movie business after his older brother Tong Lung introduced him to director Robert Tai, with whom his brother frequently collaborated.

Alexander Rei Lo worked on numerous films about Ninjas, including Wu Tang vs. Ninja (1987), The Super Ninja (1984), Shaolin vs. Ninja (1983), Ninja Condors (1987), and Mafia vs. Ninja (1985). He also worked on Shaolin films such as Shaolin Chastity Kung Fu (1981) and the famous Shaolin vs. Lama (1983).

In 1984, Robert Tai directed Alexander Rei Lo in a nine-hour epic titled Ninja: The Final Duel (1986). Some time after this epic film, Alexander quit acting continued to work in the industry. He developed a long term partnership with Robert Tai as an action choreographer, working on such films as Fist of Legends 2: Iron Bodyguards (1996).

Alexander often collaborated with his good friend, the African-American kick-boxer Eugene Thomas (Trammell), where they either fought together as a black/Asian duo, or faced up against each other as arch enemies.