Terms of Business

Book ACTs through Martial Arts Entertainment

Terms of Business for Acts

In order for Martial Arts Entertainment (MAE, Inc.) to introduce artists/acts to engagements through this web site as appropriate to their talent, capabilities and qualifications, Artists are required to read and accept the following Terms of Business.

We, Martial Arts Entertainment (MAE, Inc.) are not an employment agency or business. We advertise for martial arts acts and are paid a percentage of the gross payment when we refer an act to a potential client.

1. You, the Act, will pay Martial Arts Entertainment (MAE, Inc.) a percentage for the reference and you will contract directly with any employers for the provision of your services.

2. This is not a contract for services and it is not a contract of service (i.e. this is not an employment contract) and it is not intended to form the basis of an employer/employee relationship between you and Martial Arts Entertainment (MAE, Inc.).

3. We are paid for the referral, whether your act is booked or not.

4. You consent to us providing both the personal information you provide us and the information we obtain during our collection of information to advertise for you. We will be required (and you agree that we may) provide some or all of the personal information that you provide to us to each potential hirer. Aside from this, we will keep the personal information you provide us on file and will use it only as necessary to advertise for you in an effort to secure work for you. We will not otherwise divulge such information to third parties without your express consent except where we are required to make any such disclosure to your professional body, required to make any such disclosure by law or as otherwise set out in these terms of business.

5. You must be aware that if we receive any information about you that indicates that you are unsuitable for any Engagement, we are under a legal obligation to notify those we referred you to and to investigate the information we receive. You will on request provide us with such information and documents we require to enable us to properly investigate such information. Following the investigation we may discontinue our referral services and report any illegal activities to the law.

6. Please note that in advertising for you, we may offer your services to other agencies/businesses who contact us, and we will collect a percentage for any referrals that come through those agencies/businesses now and in the future.

16. It is not our responsibility to investigate the suitability of the employer.

17. You must undertake to keep us fully informed of any aspects of, or changes to, your act or presentation which may have health and safety (or other risk) implications of which we should inform potential employers.

18. It is your responsibility to ensure that your equipment (where applicable) is maintained in a safe condition, particularly electrical equipment. It is also your responsibility to arrange and keep current the appropriate music license(s) if you are either playing records or are using music copied to other media for public performances.

19. It is your responsibility to arrange, and keep current, suitable Liability insurance.

21. Advertising with us under these terms is non-exclusive and you are entitled to advertise with other agents. We do not give you any guarantees as to the level of work or number of Engagements that we will introduce to you. You can terminate our advertising by giving us no less than 30 days notice in writing of your intention to do so. We can terminate our appointment by giving you no less than 30 days notice of our intention to stop advertising for you, unless illegal activities are discovered, which gives us the right to immediately terminate any advertising we are currently doing for you.

Artist’s Party

The Artist warrants that they have used their best endeavors and care and skill to select dancers and musicians of good quality and suitable appearance to perform at the Booking.

The Artist takes full responsibility for the conduct of all dancers, musicians and any other person who accompanies them to the Booking (their ‘Party’) and hereby undertakes and agrees to indemnify Martial Arts Enterprises (MAE, Inc.) against all costs, liabilities, claims, demands, actions, damages or losses (including legal fees) that may arise from the Booking.

The Artist warrants that all members of their Party are at least 18 years of age or have legal permission to perform with the act.

The Artist agrees that he or she bears full responsibility for the remuneration of the Party.

Licensing and Intellectual Property Rights

The Artist hereby irrevocably grants to Martial Arts Entertainment (MAE, Inc.) his or her consent to make the fullest use of the Contribution and the right to use and to authorize others to use the Artist’s name, voice, biography and likeness and the Contribution in connection with the advertising and promotion of the business of Martial Arts Enterprises, (MAE, Inc.).

The Artists accepts legal responsibility for all musical, visual and spoken content. Artistes agree to conduct themselves at all times in a professional manner, which is deemed reasonable by the Venue Management.

Terms of Use

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