Martial Arts Action Documentaries

Martial Arts Action Documentaries

The Art of Action: Martial Arts In The Movies (2002)

The Art of Action: martial Arts in the Movies

The Art of Action: Martial Arts In The Movies is hosted by Samuel L. Jackson. This in-depth documentary offers viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the history of the martial arts film — from the genre’s rebellious beginnings to high-flying modern epics. Jackson takes you through the best moments of 100 movies, including Charlie’s Angels and Oscar winner Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. The documentary includes interviews with martial arts film veterans Sammo Hung, John Woo and Ang Lee.

Chop Socky: Cinema Hong Kong (2003)

Chop Socky: Cinema Hong KongA look at Hong Kong action films, from their roots in choreography of Beijing Opera and the Wuxia tradition of honorable solitary fighters to the evolution in film from martial arts (swordplay) to Kung Fu (fists, feet, and sticks). Talking heads discuss actors: the stylized fighting of David Chiang, the realism of Bruce Lee, and the comedy of Jackie Chan. They discuss directors: King Hu and Cheng Che, whose work leads to international successes of Ang Lee and John Woo. There’s a demonstration of editing in the camera, and there are discussions of Japan’s influence, the increased violence of 70s and 80s films, the emergence of the superhero, and the films’ cultural subtext.

A comprehensive 3-part anthology of the history of Hong Kong Cinema,  produced by Bang Singapore for Celestial Channel, NHK and Discovery Channel in 2004.

Episode 1

Episode 2 is the dynamic evolution of Kungfu within the genre. This episode was nominated for Best Documentary in Asia at the Asian Television Awards in 2004.

Episode 3 follows the fascinating stories of the actresses who starred for decades in Hong Kong’s renown Shaw Studios. A production by Bang Singapore for Celestial Channel, NHK and Discovery Channel in 2004.

Double Dare

Double Dare

DOUBLE DARE is a double-barreled, action-packed documentary about the struggles of two stuntwomen in male-dominated Tinseltown to stay working, stay thin, and stay sane.

Double Dare follows the lives of Zoe Bell and Jeannie Epper over several years–Bell as she comes off of doubling Lucy Lawless on Xena and struggles to establish herself in mainstream Hollywood, and Epper as she fights to stay in the stunt game despite her age.

Double Dare Trailer