Chocolate (2008)

Chocolate (2008) is a martial arts action film made in Thailand. The film stars JeeJa Yanin, in her debut film performance. It also stars Hiroshi Abe, Pongpat Wachirabunjong. The film is directed by Prachya Pinkaew, and Panna Rittikrai was the action supervisor.

An autistic girl with powerful martial art skills looks to settle her ailing mother’s debts by seeking out the ruthless gangs that owe her family money.

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Japanese mobster Masashi (Hiroshi Abe) and his Thai partner and girlfriend, Zin (Ammara Siripong), narrowly escape death at the hands of underworld boss Number 8 (Pongpat Wachirabunjong) and his bodyguard Priscilla (Sirimongkol Iamthuam). They escape, but Masashi’s superiors orders him to return to Japan, leaving Zin behind. She discovers that she is pregnant with his child and, after the child is born, she names her Zen. Zin discovers that Zen is autistic, but her love for chocolate can bring her out of her inner world. In time, Zen (JeeJa Yanin) develops remarkable martial arts skills. When Zin is diagnosed with cancer, she needs chemotherapy to save her life, but they cannot afford the treatments. Zin’s friend Moom (Taphon Phopwandee) comes up with a plan to collect monies owed to Zin from her days as an outlaw. Giving Zen the job of candy fueled enforcer, they begin to raise the funds to pay Zin’s medical bills.