Short Teaser Film for the Feature Film, Double Fury. Produced by Saint Sinner and Jaunted Productions. In association with French Street Films.

Cynthia Rothrock was the undefeated middleweight Kickboxing and Weapons lady champion for five consecutive years and starred in many martial arts action movies in the 1980s and 1990s. Her last movie, SCI-FIGHTER, 2004, left us waiting for her return and now we are looking forward to DOUBLE FURY, which is set to to be filmed this summer.

Film Details
SaintSinner Entertainment ( along with Jaunted Productions ( is currently in pre-production for a martial arts action film that’ll shoot this summer titled DOUBLE FURY.

The film was written and will be directed by Amel J. Figueroa, and stars veteran martial arts action stars Richard Norton (Mr. Nice Guy) and Cynthia Rothrock (China O’Brien), as well as rising stars Cyrus Samson (Night of the Living Dead 2012), Dennis Ronin (The Sickness), Natalie Amenula (Hamlet 2), Cynthia Housel (Iniquity), Rommel Gargoles (Black Ninja), Laura Lynn Cottrel (The Replacements) and Eric Kovaleski.

The film features numerous professional wrestlers like Katarina “Winter” Leigh Waters, Gail Kim, and Brooke Adams of Impact Wrestling, Kip “Billy Gunn” Sopp, and Chavo Guerrero Jr., and more to be named.

SYPNOSIS: Double Fury is a martial arts action packed tale of two estranged brothers brought back together after their father is murdered by a megalomaniacal madman who’s looking for a volatile package in one of their possession that could destroy all that they hold dear.