Jeff Wolfe

Fights With The Big Boys!

Jeff Wolfe Stuntman, Actor and Assistant DirectorJeff Wolfe is a stuntman, action actor, director and 2nd unit director. He played Bob Banks opposite Ryan Reynolds in The Green Lantern (2011) and he played with Ryan in the movie Drive (2011). He has numerous film and television credits with roles on popular television shows such as The Closer and House MD.

Jeff is the Showrunner Producer for CBS’ Rush Hour television series. He is the Emmy Award winning Stunt Coordinator for the NBC hit show REVOLUTION. Jeff won the award for Outstanding Stunt Coordination for a Drama Series at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday, September 15, 2013. He is the Stunt Coordinator for the 2016 television series MacGyver and he  has been nominated for 2 Emmy Awards for this series.

Jeff has been working as the stunt coordinator for the Stalker television series and he is acting in and stunt coordinator for Bolden (2015), a mythical account of the life of Buddy Bolden, the first Cornet King of New Orleans, and a key figure in the development of a New Orleans style of rag-time music (jazz).

With a 25 year martial arts background he has shown some serious fight skills in films with the likes of Dwayne Johnson, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, and many others. Mentored by Sammo Hung, Jeff Wolfe starred opposite Jet Li in Once Upon a Time in China 6.

Jeff Wolfe began his training in the martial arts at the age of 13 with the study of Jujitsu. He then studied Taekwondo and moved to Wushu and was a head Wushu instructor for  5 or 6 years .

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