PeiPei Alena Yuan

PeiPei Alena Yuan, is an Action Actress, Stunt Woman, Director and Editor, and has worked in Entertainment since 2000. She has always had a Desire to Inspire and Empower Women through her Moving Meditations such as Martial Arts, Dance, and Stunts.

Peipei’s background as a Martial Artist, Competitive Gymnast, Springboard Diver, Break Dancer, and Musical Theater performer, combined with her passion for Kung Fu and Action Films inspired her to pursue a Career in Hollywood. Before moving to NYC alone, she studied Judo, and Self Defense. She later studied Wushu Kung Fu, and many styles of Martial Arts specifically for Film Fighting. She currently trains Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu at the Gracie Academy and is Action Designing and Choreographing a Light Saber Duel for a Star Wars Short.

PeiPei Alena Yuan has worked on TV shows like NCIS – LA, Scorpion, CSI NY, Numb3rs, Fear of the Walking Dead, Scandal, The Bridge, Glee, The Last Ship, and Films like Star Trek and the upcoming God Particle (JJ Abrams). PeiPei was Nominated Stunt Woman of the Year 2016

PeiPei also has worked as VFX artist, and a Computer Animator / CGI Storyboard Artist for Feature Films like Pirates of the Caribbean, Superman Returns, Spiderman III, and most recently, Thor (Ragnarok). She recently won BEST DIRECTOR for ACTION SHORT at the Artemis Film Festival 2017 for YOGA PANT BRAWL.

As a Dancer and Choreographer, Peipei has appeared in Films and TV like Step Up 3d, Dancing with the Stars, and has worked with Artists like Usher, Britney, Rihanna, and Gloria Estefan.

PeiPei Alena Yuan hopes to continue authentically representing a strong, Ethnic American Female in the Media on screen and behind the scenes.

PeiPei Stunt/Action Reel 2016