Join us on the set of Assassin X for week one (aka The Chemistwith Producer Tom Renner, Director and Fight Choreographer, Art Camacho, Cinematographer Carmen Cabana, Al Bravo (Producer), and Olivier Grunner (Ronus Steele) , Patrick Kilpatrick (Claxton) and Shuriz Hishmeh and Stephanie Gerard (Gabriela) and Steve Dell (Blaine).

Plot: Assassin X aka The Chemist is a gritty action thriller about an aging assassin who is double crossed by his employer when he refuses to assassinate a woman he just met. On the run; Steele (Olivier Gruner) becomes the next target in this fast-paced battle, assassin vs. assassin, until he is surprised by a secret that changes everything he thought he knew. To complicate matters even more he begins to fall in love with his would-be target.

On the set of Assassin X aka The Chemist

Lights, Camera and Action on the set of Assassin X Day 2!

Renner, Machado, Grunner, Kilpatrick, Hishmeh on set of Assassin X

Tom Renner (Producer), Rigan Machado (Carlos Valente), Olivier Grunner (Ronus Steele), Patrick Kilpatrick (Claxton) and Shuriz Hishmeh share a moment.

Stephanie Gerard and Steve Dell on the set of Assassin X

Stephanie Gerard (Gabriela) and Steve Dell (Blaine) get up Close and Personal ion the set of Assassin X.

Renner, Cabana, Camacho on set of Assassin X

Producer Tom Renner, Cinematographer Carmen Cabana  and Director Art Camacho.

Photos Courtesy of Tom Renner

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