Sean C. Ching

Sean C. Ching is a 4th generation Asian American who was raised in L. A. and spent every summer sleeping on his beloved grandparents floor in Hawaii. His mother, La Verne Ching, was a world traveler stewardess in the clipper club for the premier airlines Pan Am. She later gave up her career to be a full time mother to Sean and his two siblings. His father, Dr. Clayton Ching, was a Neurosurgeon and Orthopedic Surgeon, specializing in sports medicine. In his younger years, he was a quarterback at the university of Hawaii, and sang professionally on the side. He played the sax, piano, ukulele, and did the samoan slap dance. Jazz was his favorite muse. Multi-talented and diverse, Sean’s father influenced him greatly, and encouraged him to follow his passion for acting.

Sean learned golf, tennis, and martial arts at age 7. He ran hurdles in high school and was quarterback and captain of the football team. He won the CIF-SS championship for hurdles, and still holds the record for the standing long jump. In his free time, he worked in his father’s office and assisted in physical therapy treatments. Sean also interned with the world renowned sports medicine specialist Dr. Robert Kerr.

After high school, Sean taught golf, tennis, and martial arts while completing his degree in speech communications at CSLA. The many facets of martial arts peaked his interest which inspired him to train extensively in boxing, karate, Shaolin boxing, hap kid do, aikido, muay, thai, jiujitsu, and yuen kay san wing chun. Teaching martial arts now for over 20 years, coupled with the experience he gained from working with his father and Dr. Kerr, propelled Sean to create “Maximum Efficiency Training”. A technique designed to achieve maximum results with the least amount of time spent training. He currently uses this method for his personal training clients.

After College, He traveled the world extensively as a model doing runway, editorial, catalog and commercial work. As the first Asian to be featured in the US edition of Men’s Fitness Magazine, he soon became known as “the body,” and modeled for Puma underwear, Speedo, Adidas, and Reebok. He went on to do the cover of Men’s Health, a layout and interview in OK! magazine, Men’s Harper Bazaar, Lexean magazine, the ESPN2 fitness program Kiana’s Flex Appeal, and the original Tony Horton fitness program P90X. His modeling career took him to places where he climbed the mountains of Hubei, and Koh Pipi, rode horses on the beaches of San Diego, Played Taiko drums in a blizzard, and worked with a crocodile, black panther, and wolves.

Sean C. Ching studied improv at the legendary Groundlings studio and also trained in Shakespeare. He trained under Warner Loughlin, Vincent Chase, and his mentor W. Morgan Sheppard. Sean was blessed to train voice over under the late Mary Kay Bergman and Kit Paraventi. He has also studied with the internationally acclaimed martial artists, fight choreographers John Kreng and Melissa Tracy. Sean’s recent feature film credits include: Call of the Wolf as stunt coordinator, co-starred and served as fight choreographer for the award winning Stringendo, starred in the Award winning short 5 GUNS in which he also performed all his stunts. Currently he can be seen as Agent Zebra in the Award winning independent feature film Shadow of the Monarch.

Sean C. Ching picked up many hobbies along the way such as, cooking, carpentry, Koi ponds, and home improvement  projects. A true life hacker and DIY guy, he particularly enjoys learning about and improving upon up cycling. Grey water, solar, and aquaponics are his favorite topics. Sean did extensive  volunteer work in Thailand when he became aware of the large number of orphans with HIV. Currently, he is very involved and supportive in helping to find a cure for Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimers, Dementia, and Lewy Body Disease.

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