The Talented Martial Artist Trung Ly in Entertainment

Trung Ly

Vietnamese martial artist Trung Ly was born in 1975. He is a stuntman, actor and fight choreographer and worked as the action director and fight choreographer, and performed an acting role in Truy Sat (2016). He was the fight choreographer for Hit Girls (2013) and for Fist of the Dragon (2014).

Trung also worked as a fight choreographer in short films Enter The Dojo (2012),  Gaffa, and Hit Girls (2013) and  for Hollywood legend, Roger Corman’s mix martial arts movie Fist Of The Dragon (2014).

In 2014, Trung Ly was the Action Fight Choreographer on ABC’s TV series Maximum Choppage (2014) — Australia’s first Kung Fu comedy. He also choreographed the battle scenes in David Bradbury’s 2015 ABC1 documentary Battle of Balmoral.

Trung Ly owns Dong Tam Martial Arts Association, Australia’s largest Vietnamese non-profit martial arts association based in Western Sydney. He has studied martial arts since he was a 9 year old in 1984 and is skilled in Shaolin Kung Fu and Vo Vi Nam. He is a current a master in Hapkido and has mastered martial arts weaponry such as the nunchucks, staff, swords and is an expert in hand-to-hand combat. Ly leads the Xtreme Martial Arts team and also choreographs the lion and dragon dance team.

Trung Ly has 16 years experience as a QANTAS aircraft engineer and he holds a pyrotechnic license.