Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Standards of Conduct and Process for Submitting Claims of Misconduct

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Standards of ConductStandards of Conduct for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Academy membership is a privilege offered to only a select few within the global community of filmmakers. In addition to achieving excellence in the field of motion picture arts and sciences, members must also behave ethically by upholding the Academy’s values of respect for human dignity, inclusion, and a supportive environment that fosters creativity. The Academy asks that members embrace their responsibility to affirm these principles and act when these principles are violated. There is no place in the Academy for people who abuse their status, power or influence in a manner that violates recognized standards of decency. The Academy is categorically opposed to any form of abuse, harassment or discrimination on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disability, age, religion, or nationality. The Board of Governors believes that these standards are essential to the Academy’s mission and reflective of our values.

If any member is found by the Board of Governors to have violated these standards or to have compromised the integrity of the Academy by their actions, the Board of Governors may take any disciplinary action permitted by the Academy’s Bylaws, including suspension or expulsion.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Process For Submitting Claims Of Misconduct

The Academy’s Board of Governors may take any action regarding a member’s status, as authorized under Academy bylaws. The Academy may be notified of an alleged violation of its Standards of Conduct through a claims process, which will be fair, prompt and impartial for both the claimant and the subject of the claim. While the Academy does not initiate investigations, substantiated claims regarding a member’s conduct, based on firsthand observation or experience, will be guided by the following process:

1.  Written claims may be submitted using an online form linked to a secure website available on (currently in development – launching summer 2018).

2.  A telephone claim will be taken by the Academy’s Membership Department (310.247.3001) provided that the claimant permits it to be recorded in order to ensure accuracy. However, the Academy may require a claim be made in writing before processing further.

3.  The claimant’s allegations must be substantiated by clear evidence of behavior that violates the Academy’s Standards of Conduct. Such substantiation could include any of the following evidence:

  1. the violation was witnessed by another;
  2. the violation was reported to another, after the event occurred;
  3. the violation was memorialized in writing after the incident occurred;
  4. the violation is part of an established pattern by the same member;
  5. following the violation, the claimant experienced verifiable changes in their mental, emotional or physical well-being.

Qualifying claims will be forwarded by the Membership Department to the Academy’s Membership and Administration Committee.

4.  The Academy will protect the confidentiality of claims to the extent possible.

5.  When claims are brought to the Membership and Administration Committee for review, the committee may:

a. Decide to take no action.
b. Notify the subject of the claim in writing, at the member’s current address on file with the Membership Department, and provide the member with an opportunity to respond in writing within 10 business days.

6.  Once the subject of a claim has been notified, and the time frame for response has passed, the Membership and Administration Committee will review the full complaint in a timely manner and may:

a. Decide to take no action.
b. Inform the Board of remedial measures that don’t require Board approval.
c. If the matter is deemed serious enough, refer it to the Board of Governors. Only the Board can make the final determination on whether to suspend or expel a member.

7.  The member and claimant will be informed in writing of any final decision of the Committee or the Board. The member shall be entitled to appeal the decision, within 10 business days, in writing to the Board c/o the Academy’s President or Secretary.

8.  The Board of Governors retains its independent duty and authority as outlined in the bylaws to address and take action on any matter, whether submitted by the process outlined above or not, related to a member’s status and to enforce the Academy’s Standards of Conduct.