Call Me King (2015)

Call Me King (2015) is the story of two young heirs, RHYIS (Amin Joseph) and KHALIL (Maurice Whitfield) members of an ousted Haitian dictatorship who immigrate to the United States. Now as adults, the brothers are seeking to right the wrongs perpetrated by their father KNIGHT (Shaun Mixon) by assembling their own four-member crew of gun runners, “THE STRAP SET.

The team is led by the eldest brother Rhyis. His goal is to earn enough capital and power in America to return to Haiti and reclaim his birth rite. Khalil, the younger brother, handles the lion’s share of sales and distribution to foreign buyers. GRIMM (Sean A. Riggs) handles heavy artillery and deals with local distributors and ZHO (Johnathan McDaniel) is a lethal sharp shooter.

Rhyis answers to only one man… ANGELO COSTA (Chris Mulkey) head of the Italian syndicate. Angelo utilizes “The Strap Set” as his key enforcers. When the rules of the underworld are broken, these four men inflict punishment to the letter. Heavily armed with automatic weapons, lethal fighting skills, and the strategies of war… “The Strap Set” are locked, loaded, and intent on returning victorious to the docks of Port-Au-Prince Haiti

Characters in Call Me King (2015)

A Korean arms dealer selling munitions in the “Eastern District.” Li Soo is supplied guns for cash by her Strap-Set connection to Grimm.  Her younger sister Soo Yun is a volatile drug user battling the demons associated with the tragic death of their parents.

Angelo Costa is the Italian syndicate leader in the “Southern District.” He employs the Strap-Set as his attack dogs. They collect outstanding accounts in his business dealings. Angelo is especially fond of Rhyis as the two share a father and son bond.

Malachi is a comrade of Knight, the former Minister of Defense in Haiti and the overseer of the “Northern District.” After exile along with Rhyis and Khalil, Malachi found refuge in America.  He continues to serve as a mentor to both brothers, as he is the siblings sole connection to their homeland.

Feris is a syndicate leader who runs the “Western District.” He was a former drug lord in El Salvador but quickly found that munitions trade yielded more profit and less causalities.  Feris is a prideful man who believes in loyalty, but will kill without question when provoked.

In the international world of gun running… loyalty, honor, and discretion are valuable commodities. However, nothing is more priceless than the bond of family. Power begets enemies and a loved one’s betrayal cuts like a knife. Sides will be chosen, wars will be fought. In the end, there can only be one King.

Bai Ling, Amin Joseph, Chris Mulkey, Bill Cobbs, Robert Miano, Lester Speight, Gabrielle Dennis, Alimi Ballard, Sean Riggs, Jonathan “Lil J” McDaniel, Monyque Thompson Scott, TJ Hoban, Shaun Mixon, Del Zamora, Maurice Whitfield and Johnny DeBeer

Executive Producer Amin Joseph
Written and Directed by R.L. Scott
Produced by David A. Fisher
Fight Choreography by R.L. Scott

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