Chucky Lee Currie

Chuck Norris Called Him The New Bruce Lee

Chucky Lee Currie is an American martial artist and actor, known for Cyber-Tracker 2 (1995).

Charles Lee Currie, better known in the martial arts world as Chucky Quick Kick Currie was born in Chicago Illinois. Chucky began training in the martial arts at 6 years old in Chicago’s Chinatown. He received his first black belt at 10 years old. His first martial arts performance was at a Camp Bruckiner Fair near the outskirts of Illinois. While competing at the talent show he and his brother performed a fight scene to the song Kung Fu Fighting. They won Silver dollars as their prize.

Young Chuck was a great fan of kung fu movies. At the age of 13 he recieved a Black Belt from the Double Dragon Hap Kara Ju Fu Academy at Chicago’s Urban Progress Center. That summer he and his family moved to Berkeley, California. He quickly signed up with four studios in the Berkeley/Oakland Area. Julius Baker Jr. Liked Chucky’s enthusiasm and talent and convinced him to perform and compete in Bay Area tournaments. Currie dominated the Jr. Boys division and at age 16 he won the World Tae Kwon Do Championships. This lead to national championship and more world championship titles. Ernie Reyes Sr. asked Chucky to join his team and Chucky helped with the music and fight choreography. The team became the first Black Belt Hall of Fame demonstration team of champions.

Chucky Lee Currie was noted as the number one martial arts performer in the USA as well as the fastest kicker in the USA. His famous wheel kick was timed at around 76 miles per hour.

Chucky was the first to incorporate music and mixed martial arts performances with weapons and pop music. He was the first to perform on national television where he performed to the song Dirtymind by Prince on ESPN and The Wide World Of Sports.

Chuck Norris named Chucky Currie as the new Bruce Lee. He has been featured in the world’s top leading magazines including Black Belt, Inside Kung Fu, Official Karate, Fighting Stars and Martial Arts Illustrated magazines. Some of Currie’s Championship Tournament wins include The Battle of Atlanta, The USA Top Ten Nationals, The Long Beach International, The West Coast Nationals, The LA Open, and the Hollywood Action Contest as well as hundreds of others.

Currently Chucky Lee Currie is a professional actor, film maker and fight choreographer. He has done cameos in major motion pictures including Rush Hour 2, Oceans 11, The Hulk, Twisted, XXX: State Of The Union. He Recently wrote, co-directed and produced his award winning Short Film Enter the Tiger! He ia known for Cyber-Tracker 2 (1995)

Currie was inducted into the Master’s Hall of Fame as a Golden Lifetime Achievement Award Winner.

Chucky has worked as bodyguard for many celebrities including Prince, Halle Berry, Richard Pryor, and Brad Pitt. Chucky’s goal is to be the Will Smith of martial arts movies! He believes Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way!