Double Team (1997)

Double Team (1997) is an American action comedy Sci-Fi film directed by Hark Tsui in his American directorial debut. The film stars Jean-Claude Van Damme, basketball star Dennis Rodman, and Mickey Rourke.

Double Team (1997) was filmed on location in Antwerpen, Belgium, in Nice and Arles, France and in Rome, Italy. It is implied in the film that the final fight scene between Quinn and Stavros was filmed in the Roman Colosseum, but it was actually filmed in and around the Arles Amphitheater in Southern France.

Van Damme plays counter-terrorist agent Jack Quinn, who is assigned to bring an elusive terrorist known as Stavros to justice. Things become personal when Stavros kidnaps Quinn’s pregnant wife after his own lover and child were killed in an assassination attempt that went awry. Aiding Quinn in his rescue is his flamboyant weapons dealer Yaz (Dennis Rodman).