The Quest (1996)

The Quest (1996) is an American martial arts film with a story written by Jean-Claude Van Damme, who also directed the film in his directorial debut. Van Damme also stars in the film with co-stars Roger Moore, James Remar and Janet Gunn. The Quest (1996) was released on April 26, 1996 in the United States.

Claims by Frank Dux that The Quest (1996) was a rework of a script he had written in 1991, entitled “Enter the New Dragon: The Kumite,” were rejected by a jury.

The Quest (1996) is set in 1925, and revolves around a martial arts tournament in the mysterious “Lost City”, located deep in Tibet, with martial artists from around the world fighting to earn the winner’s prize, the “Golden Dragon”, a valuable statue made of solid gold.