Fatal Contact (2006)

Fatal Contact (2006)Fatal Contact (2006) is about a young Chinese martial artist named Kong, (Jackie Wu Jing), who is a  national champion trained in Sanshou. Kong comes to Hong Kong on a short contract with a Chinese opera group. A small-time gambling boss, Ma, is impressed with Kong’s martial arts skills and wants him to be his fighter in the underground all-contact boxing world. In need of money, Kong makes up his mind to enter the underground boxing scene with his girlfriend Siu Tin (Miki Yeung), and together they are controlled by Ma. Kong’s fighting skills make him unbeatable in the arena, but after each win, he gets deeper and deeper in with the underground world.

Director: Dennis Law
Writer: Dennis Law
Starring: Jackie Wu Jing, Ronald Cheng, Theresa Fu, Miki Yeung, Cheung Siu-Fai, Ken Lo, Andy On, Lam Suet