Ken Kazama

Ken Kazama Film PostersJapanese martial artist Kenji Kazama, or Ken Kazama, is a film actor and a fight director. He played the henchman, Spider, who fought Fred Williamson in the action film That Man Bolt (1973) and he played Yokohama, a mean and brutal Japanese official who fought Jhoon Rhee in the martial arts classic When Taekwondo Strikes (1973). He played the part of Senkaku Kan in the Sonny Chiba cult classic The Street Fighter (1974). He had the lead role in a film called Karate From Shaolin Temple (1976) which also featured Henry Yu Yung, Fung Ngai, Henry Yu Yung and Bill Lake.

Ken Kazama was also the kick boxing director in The Street Fighter (1974) and its sequel Return of the Street Fighter (1974) and the fight director in another Sonny Chiba film, The Street Fighter’s Last Revenge (1979).

Kill Devil (2004)
Angel Guts: High School Coed (1978) …. Yakuza
Karate from Shaolin Temple (1976) …. Musashi Yamanaka
The Street Fighter (1974) …. Senkaku Kan
That Man Bolt (1973) …. Spider
When Taekwondo Strikes (1973) …. Yokohama

Revenge! The Killing Fist (fight director) (1974)
Return of the Street Fighter …. {kick boxing direction) (1974)
The Streetfighter …. {kick boxing direction) (1974)

The Real Miyagi Documentory (2015) …. Self