Kung Fu The Movie (1986)

Brandon Lee's Acting Debut

Kung Fu: The Movie (1986)
Kung Fu: The Movie

Director: Richard Lang
Writer: Durrell Royce Crays
Stars: David Carradine, Kerrie Keane, Mako, Brandon Lee

Kung Fu: The Movie is a 1986 TV movie and the first in a series of sequels which continued the story of the Shaolin monk, Kwai Chang Caine, first introduced in the 1972-75 television series, Kung Fu. The role of Caine is resumed by David Carradine. The role of his son, Chung Wang, is portrayed by Brandon Lee, who makes his acting debut with this film. The film aired on Brandon’s 21st birthday in 1986. The role of Master Po is also resumed by Keye Luke and The Manchu is portrayed by Mako (Makoto Iwamatsu). Bruce Lee (father of Brandon) was originally considered to star in the original 1972 TV series.

Plot: Kwai Chang Caine meets up with the father of the man he killed in China who seeks revenge using Caine’s own illegitimate son.

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