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Nina BergmanWe found the ladies of Assassin X aka The Chemist intriguing so we asked Nina Bergman, who played Trinidad, and Stephanie Gerard, who played Gabriela Dresden, a few questions. Here Nina Bergman answers our questions? Enjoy!


Nina Bergman on Trinidad: She’s a crazy, sex hungry, animalistic, adrenaline junkie!

Nina Bergman is an actress, singer, songwriter and model. She was born in Denmark and is the granddaughter of Russian actor Pavel Kadochnikov.

Tell us about your childhood and how it prepared you to become both a singer and an actress.

I’ve been “performing” in one way or another as far back as I can remember. My grandparents were both actors and singers, so I grew up with that in my blood. I watched my grandmother perform and I always knew that’s what I was going to do. Also, my Father is a professor at the The National Film School of Denmark and always encouraged me to follow that path. He put me in front of the camera before I could even speak!

How did you hear about the audition for Assassin X and what made you decide to audition for the role?

Our Cinematographer, Carmen Cabana, actually contacted me because she thought that I would be right for the role. I read the script and that was it for me! The characters are very well developed in The Chemist and that’s what drew me to the project.

Tell us about the audition process you went through for the role of Trinidad? Did you do anything unique to show you would be perfect for the role?

Haha I wanted the part. And that was that! I saw Trinidad so clearly!! She scared me a little and I got all excited at the same time! I like characters that push me to go places that I haven’t gone before. I really had to turn up my sexuality in a animistic way and I decided to walk into the audition and never break character until I got the part!

Nina Bergman filming The Chemist

What are your thoughts on Trinidad’s personality? What are Trinidad’s strengths? Weaknesses? Is she good or bad . . .

Trinidad is my favorite kinda of character to play! You never know what she’s going to do next! I was surprising myself all the time on set never knowing what that crazy girl was going to do next! Trinidad is fearless she’ll do anything for a thrill but when I comes to emotions and trusting all her power vanish. She’s a good girl but put in a bad situations.

How is Trinidad like you? Different from you?

Well, I have everything in me that Trinidad does. The only different is that I don’t allow myself to act like her in my everyday life. She’s a crazy, sex hungry, animalistic, adrenaline junkie, who has a lot of darkness and rage inside of her. She doesn’t trust anyone. She’ll do whatever she needs to do to survive and she’s very good at surviving! She actually lets a few of her walls down in the movie, when she gets closer to Blaine. But nobody ever gets in there and really gets to know her. No different than me really. Only difference is that I know what that empty hole is that both Trinidad and I feel in our souls. I don’t try run from it or fill it with anything or put a bandage on it. I deal with all the anxiety and pain through my acting, music, boxing, martial arts, meditation and spiritual work. Trinidad is nowhere close to getting any kind of serenity or clarity anytime soon. She’s already onto her next hunt to fill her void!

Nina Bergman

What was your biggest challenge in playing the role of Trinidad?

To get out of my own way and not judge anything, but just let me intuition guide me. When I start to think too much I’m screwed, especially with a character like Trinidad. She’s so raw and only acts on her instincts, without much thought, so that’s what I had to do…. I’m a perfectionist and she’s not. She’s messy in the way she lives her life and just does whatever she feels like at all times.

Without giving away the story, what’s your favorite line of dialogue from Assassin X and why?

hhhmm that’s a tough one! I’m skipping that one.

Did playing the role of Trinidad or the story of Assassin X have an impact on your life in a personally way? If so, how?

Yes, a tremendous impact! When I first started I felt that I’d changed so much as a person, that I’m not the crazy one anymore, but slipping into Trinidad’s shoes, I realized that I’m no different than a junkie. I’ll always have that “crazy” side inside of me. No matter how many 12 step programs I do and no matter how zen I try to become it’s RIGHT there! I was like wow, how scary, and yet how freaking fun!! I can let that monster out safely on a movie set and get away with it! Shoot, I wanna play more roles like that! I’m so ready for another one!

What previous fitness or martial arts training did you have prior to filming Assassin X that helped you with your fight scenes on the set?

I was a professional ballerina since the age of 4 and I was an amateur boxer and I’ve studied mix martial arts on and off.

Stephanie Gerard and Nina Bergman with Director Art Camacho in The Chemist.

What was the most difficult part of making your fight scenes realistic?

I’m used to working with tough stunt guys and working with Stephanie who was new to the fighting world took a minute. I was actually scared of hurting her! Normally I’ll pound away on those robust stunt guys and it looks real but with her I was very hesitant… I felt, at times, that I couldn’t give it all I got! I once kicked her right in the chest and we’re girls, you know! It took practice and focus to make it realistic!

Was there a point when you were exhausted but still had to film. How did the director and those around you help you to find the energy to keep going.

Yes there were a lot of night shoots. I had the best snuggle co-stars! We all snuggled and rested in between takes, but honestly, I never get super tired on set because I love it! It’s where I feel most at home and alive.

Can you share about some of the challenges in filming Assassin X? Any behind-the-scenes anecdotes you can share?

There’s always challenges on any movie set. My philosophy has always been that what happens behind the scenes stays behind the scenes 😉

Share a personal fact about yourself that most people do not know.

I was a professional ballerina and I studied opera for many years! I was really into the classical world! I still am.

Nina Bergman received the Honorable Mention Award for BEST ACTRESS from the Action On Film International Film Festival 2015 for her role as the notorious Trinidad in Assassin X.

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