How To Train Your Dragon Auditions March 2011

How To Train Your Dragon Live SpectacularDreamWorks Theatrical and the Australian entertainment group Global Creatures are casting for a major new Arena production, based on their acclaimed movie How To Train Your Dragon, set in a mythical world of Vikings and wild dragons. Auditions will take place in Las Vegas on Monday, March 7th and in Los Angeles on March 8th and 9th, 2011.

The production aims to involve a ground breaking combination of narrative and character, spectacular aerial and circus based sequences, interactive projected film and animatronic dragons. These epic creatures will be developed by the makers of Global Creatures previous production, Walking with Dinosaurs The Arena Spectacular.

Workshop begins in AUSTRALIA August 2011.
World Tour begins early 2012.

(ages teens, twenties to play teens) with exceptional physical skills, or aptitude to learn these skills. A mixture of circus, aerial performance, martial arts, parkour and breakdancing, high level acrobatic and tumbling skills, exceptional movement qualities, flying, rope work, extensive slapstick, climbing pole, and teeter board.

HICCUP – Lead role, (reads as young male teen).
Small, skinny and wiry, the very opposite of an archetypal Viking. Extensive physical and slapstick skills, an aptitude for challenging harness and aerial work, rope and climbing skills. The performer would either require these or have a very strong aptitude and training in a related discipline.

ASTRID – (reads as Female teen)
The heartthrob of the class. Strong, sleek, slender and powerful body. Very competitive, determined, and fearless with a big heart. This central role requires high level acrobatic and tumbling skills, and ideally aerial skills corde and exceptional movement qualities.

STOIK – Leader of the Vikings
GOBBER  – Stoik’s sidekick
Both characters are middle aged, rough, tough, supersized, epic, commanding Very powerful, physically fit. Battle scenes and some harness work. Think World Champion Wrestler physical type. Scottish acents.

Also casting the roles of
SNOTLOUT – Male teen
RUFFNUT – Male teen
TUFFNUT – Female teen
FISHLEGS – Male teen

Please submit photo, resume, and video links asap to

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