Pedicab Driver (1989)

Love Can Be Difficult

Pedicab Driver (1989)
Pedicab Driver

Director: Sammo Hung Kam-Bo
Writers: Sammo Hung Kam-Bo (story), Kin Lo (story) Barry Wong (writer) Kai-Chi Yuen (co-writer)
Stars: Sammo Hung Kam-Bo, Siu Chung Mok, Hoi Mang
Rating: Not Rated

Pedicab drivers Lo Tung (Sammo Hung) and Mai Chien-tang (Max Mok) are just a pair of ordinary working joes in love with two women–Ping, a buxom bakery employee, and Hsiao-tsui, a woman forced to work for a gangster. When Lo and Mai decide to help Hsiao-tsui, a Triad baddie (John Sham) decides that he won’t let a couple of scruffy bicyclists stand between him and his profits. Much of the humor of the film derives from scenes of Hung’s rotund body peddling furiously on his fragile pedicab. Even with such precarious physics, there is a credible sequence in which Hung rides a pedicab sideways against a wall. The fight scenes are, as to be expected from Hung, very good, with Billy Chow (the villainous Japanese general in FIST OF LEGEND) menacingly portraying Sham’s chief bodyguard. In a wild flight of fancy typical of the Hong Kong action film genre, there is also an homage to the lightsaber duels of the STAR WARS series.

You will see some of the best fight choreography of Hung’s career in Pedicab Driver (1989) which contains comical as well as traditional sparring.