Swordsman II (1992)

Swordsman II (1992)Directors: Siu-Tung Ching, Stanley Tong
Starring: Jet Li, Brigitte Lin and Michelle Reis

In Swordsman II (1992), Jet Lee plays the boozy blademaster who once again finds himself involved in the quest for the magical Sacred Scrolls. Brigitte Lin stars in a tailor-made role as a villainous sorcerer who slowly transmogrifies into a woman as the story progresses! Ching continues to find new ways to slice and dice people (and even horses) in this lively, blood-soaked fantasy.

Note: It was Swordsman II that helped bring back the waning wuxia genre. It is the second part of an epic trilogy film that helped solidify the careers of Jet Li and Brigitte Lin. It is good versus evil personified, with spiritual elements and entertainment combined. The special effects raise it out of the classic Chinese swordplay epics of the past and the fight choreography, as well as the aerobics do the same.