The Art of Self-Defense (2019)

The Art Of Self-Defense (2019), is a dark comedy written and directed by Riley Stearns. Set in the world of karate, the film stars Jesse Eisenberg, Imogen Poots and Alessandro Nivola. The film began shooting on

Mindy Kelly is the fight choreography and stunt coordinator for The Art of Self-Defense (2019) and Josh Fried is stunt double for Jesse Eisenberg and Allesandro Nivola.

The Art Of Self-Defense (2019) centers around Casey (Jesse Eisenberg), who is terrified of everything and everyone. When he is attacked on the street he decides to enroll in a local martial arts school (dojo) which is run by a charismatic and mysterious teacher (sensei) (Allessandro Nivola) so he can learn to defend himself. What he uncovers is a sinister world of fraternity, violence and hypermasculinity, and a woman (Imogene Poots) fighting in that world. Casey finds himself in a journey, both frightening and darkly funny, that will place him in the sights of his enigmatic new mentor.

The End Cue film is produced by Andrew Kortschak, Cody Ryder, Stephanie Whonsetler and Walter Kortschak. Bleecker Street CEO Andrew Karpen  is an executive producer of the film.

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