Yin-Chieh Han

At the age of three, Yin-Chieh Han moved to Beijing. When he was nine until he was fifteen he was a member of a Peking Opera group. In 1946, at the age of nineteen, he went to Shanghai and began working in the film industry as a stuntman. In 1947 he left the movies temporarily to do circus and martial arts exhibitions in Hong Kong and Singapore. Later Yin-Chieh Ha returned to Hong Kong and joined Shaw Bros. Film Studio as stuntman and later, a martial arts choreographer. He also had bit roles in his movies. He built a good reputation and in 1966 he met director Kam-Chuen Wu and Wu asked him Han to leave Shaw Bros. and go with him to Taiwan. Han and Wu collaborated in several masterpiece films in the martial arts genre. In 1970 Han returned to Hong Kong after signing a contract with the new film company Golden Harvest. It was in the Golden Harvest film, The Big Boss (1971), directed by Wei Lo, that Han played the most famous of his evil roles, Hsiao Mi (The Boss). Wei Lo also collaborated with Han in several other famous films. Yin-Chieh Han worked with many famous stars during his career and directed Treasure Castle (1972).

Yin-Chieh Han died of cancer in Hong Kong on October 15, 1991 at the age of 64.