Art of Submission (2009)

Art of Submission (2009)

Art of Submission (2009) Poster

Art of Submission (20019) stars Ernie Reyes Jr., Ving Rhames, Sara Downing, MMA Legend Frank Shamrock, UFC fighter Gray Maynard, Mathias Hues, Maxim Model Fernanda Romero, Maria Conchita Alonzo, John Savage and George Takei. It is a full-contact action drama that shatters emotional boundaries. The film is loaded with authentic mixed martial arts and layered with dynamic heart-to-heart combat. It is a story of redemption. It is a reluctant “Hero’s Journey” reflecting true stories found within the ranks of martial arts schools throughout North America. While inspirational at its core, it explores the shrouded wounds of fathers and sons, and has within it the power to transform and unify the entire family. Viewers consider the story victorious and transcending. For more information please visit

Directors: Adam Boster, Kenneth Chamitoff
Writer: Kenneth Chamitoff
Stars: Ving Rhames, Maria Conchita Alonso, George Takei, Ernie Reyes Jr.

About Red Canvas Fight Promotions

Red Canvas Fight Promotions is the ONLY MMA promotion to showcase the “Art of Submission” in the cage and on the big screen by hosting live tournament style MMA events in conjunction with the release of the full length martial arts film ‘Art of Submission’. The Promotion is slated to host tournament style MMA events every month throughout the country in various regions. Following each live event Red Canvas will release the film ‘Art of Submission’ on multiple screens throughout that city as part of an ongoing project. The project will include the production and release of subsequent ‘Art of Submission’ films. Many of the fighters that compete in the live events will be featured in future Red Canvas films.