Fight Design for Filmmakers I

John Kreng and Melissa Tracy's Fight Design Webinar Teaches the Creation of Great Fight Scenes

Fight Design for Filmmakers I

Great action scenes can emotionally move your audience and add production value to your film. Action, fights, and stunts can be seen in any genre of film. This includes independent and studio films. Fight and action is a craft and skill. When used effectively, your audience will be emotionally invested, while moving your story forward.

Fight Design for Filmmakers I is also has an expert guest panel that includes:

  1. Angela Meryl –Author, Stuntwoman (Skyfall, Doubled Vivica Fox in Kill Bil)
  2. Robert Legato – Academy Award Winner, Director, Visual Effects,Supervisor, 2nd Unit Director (Wolf of Wall Street, Hugo, Avat ar)
  3. Carl Bartels – Director, Director of Photography (Taken 1&2)
  4. Alec Roberts – Film Insurance Educator/Provider for Kely Roberts Insurance Services.
  5. Jeff Imada- 2nd Unit Director, Stunt Coordinator (The Bourne Series, Hanna, BookofEli)
  6. Ben Ramsey- Writer/Director (The Big Heat, Blood and Bone, Love & A .4 5)
  7. Derron Ross- Actor, Stunt Professional, Animation Supervisor/Director/Motion Capture Choreographer for Blur Studios (Rocky Balboa, Star Wars: The Old Republic)
  8. Gary Daniels -International Action Star (Expendables, City Hunter, Legend of Bruce Lee)

The seminar is taught by John Kreng and Melissa Tracy

These topics are not covered in film school and are acquired by experience through the school of hard knocks! However, it does not have to be that way!

In this seminar, you will learn about…

  • How to emotionally effect your audience.
  • Tell a story with your fight/action scene.
  • The three acts of a fight scene.
  • Knowing the difference between a real and choreographed fight.
  • How to effectively work and communicate with your Stunt Coordinator and Stunt team.
  • Why martial artists and combative athletes usually do not make effective film fighters.
  • What filmmaker needs to know about safety, scheduling, and insurance .
  • How other departments (props, wardrobe, make up, special effects)affect an action scene.
  • Effective scheduling of your action scenes.
  • Understanding different styles of fighting to suit your project.
  • How to protect yourself, your talent, and your crew.


John Kreng
John is a 2nd Unit Director, Stunt/Fight Coordinator, Action Film Historian, and Author of the textbook “Fight Choreography: The Art of Non- Verbal Dialogue.

Melissa Tracy
Melissa is a Producer, Director, Action Actress, Writer, and Fight/Stunt Coordinator. She has recently worked with music artist Aleigh O’ Sullivan and Producer Andrew Lane as a stunt coordinator on a music video, and directed the feature “Vampie.

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John Kreng Author
John Kreng has been studying martial arts since 1973 and currently holds third-degree Black Belts in Tang Soo Do and Te Katana Jujitsu. He has taught numerous professional athletes and actors to prepare for their acting roles. John is a very capable instructor and can train individuals for the playing field, the screen or for personal growth. As a stuntman, fight choreographer and/or stunt coordinator, John has worked with Jet Li, Tsui Hark, Steven spielberg, and Yuen Cheung Yen. John's love of martial arts action films has allowed him to contribute to many martial arts and film review magazines and web sites.