Master Chankla (2018): A Mexican Kung Fu Parody

Master Chankla (2018)
Master Chankla (2018). Click on the poster for a larger image.

Master Chankla (2018) AKA Master Chingon is a Mexican Parody of Kung Fu Hustle meets Nacho Libre. “Master Chankla” (Mariano “Big Dawg” Mendoza) has a pupil, “Chuy” (Anthony Ray) that is searching for his purpose in life and challenges Master Chankla. Blind Master Chankla gives Chuy the task of snatching the pinto bean from his hand. Chuy fails several times in this hilarious short comedy film.

Meosha Bean and Mariano ‘Big Dawg’ Mendoza are co-directors of the film short Master Chankla (2018). The cast includes Mark Krenik as Master Wang Wang, Mariano ‘Big Dawg’ Mendoza as Master Chankla AKA Master Chingon, Dawn Piercy as The Oracle of Nunchucku, Anthony Ray as Chuy AKA Master HoHo and Michelle Toh as Lucy Wong.

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