Sayaka Pereira

Sayaka Pereira is a martial artist, actress and stunt performer. At an early age she was forced to be independent to help support herself and her family.  In spite of this challenge,  she has been dedicated to training in dance, martial arts, and theater throughout her life. She specializes in Latin Jazz, Bellydance, Acrobatics, Samba, Fire Spinning, Yoga, Jujitsu, Shaolin Wushu, and various weapons including Knife, Single and Double Swords, Staff, Whip Chain, and Fan. She studies martial arts with Grandmaster Hu JianQiang of the Shaolin Wushu Center and Grandmaster Gokor Chivichyan of Hayastan MMA Academy. She studies gymnastics, fitness and dance with Sandy Portaro and Richard Pascale of Athletic Garage Dance Studio.

Throughout her life Sayaka Pereira has won various dance and martial arts competitions including a 2012 Grand Championship. Sayaka has appeared in numerous national and international commercials for clients such as Nike, Pepsi, New Balance, Ponse, Fmx Motorcross, in TV shows such as ESPN Extreme Sports, National Geographic, Univison, Bollywood TV, Belly TV, E-Channel, and Paris By Nights,as well as in live shows in Hollywood and Las Vegas  at the Venetian, Rio, Imperial Palace, Mirage, Cesar’s Palace, Hollywood Bowl, and the Playboy Mansion. She has performed with and for many celebrities including Shakira, Busta Rhymes, Pink, Britney Spears, Sting, Aretha Franklin, Nikkole, Rupert Murdoch, Richard Branson, Ed Hardy, Royal Families, and Ozmatli, as well as in nightclubs. She has been in print, in magazines like Inside Kung Fu, on radio, and in theaters all over the world. She is also an auditor  and accountant, and speaks multi-languages. She is a musician and plays both the piano and the harp. She is currently focusing on expanding into the film industry as an actress and stunt performer and is known for Dance Fu (2011), Heroine Legends (2012), and Shaolin Wushu in Action.