Shaolin vs. Evil Dead (2004 & 2007)

Shaolin Vs. Evil Dead (2004) [Shao Lin jiang shi] is a kung fu vampire movie starring Gordon Liu. The movie title itself exploits the film Evil Dead; however, there is actually no relationship between two films. The film also heavily references the style of Mr. Vampire, though it has a unique plot.

The plot thickens as the heroes, Pak and Hak, discover a horrible plan by the evil genius “DR.Magma” as he makes the evil dead come to life and fight the Shaolin monks that have mastered the art of fighting.

The second half of the film Shaolin Vs. Evil Dead (2004) is called Shaolin Vs. Dead: Ultimate Power (2007) and it is actually a prequel with more zombies and vampires as Gordon Liu finds that his fellow Taoist priest Hak (Terry Fan) has turned into a vampire and he must use all his power to stop Hak and his legion of vampires from bringing eternal darkness to the nation.

This film includes spectacular special effects and fantastic fight scenes making the film the perfect conclusion to the martial arts horror thriller Shaolin Vs. Evil Dead (2004).