The Accomplice (2018)

The Accomplice (2018) The Accomplice ia an action comedy adventure short film directed and edited by John Francis McCullagh and written by Shaun Bolen and John Francis McCullagh. The short was produced by Tim Stevens and John Francis McCullagh. The film stars John Francis McCullagh as the Thief. Detective Jake Pope is played by Shaun Bolen and Ms. Katya is played by Mila McCoy. World Champion Adrian Galvan from the US Olympic Karate Team in Tokyo plays Markov in his screen debut.

The Stunt Coordinator for the short was John Cann, who also plays a thug in the short film along with Jeffery Gray, Jackson Friend and Eric Rocks. Lashanda Carrington plays the Boswell Security Guard.

The short film was an official selection in numerous film festivals.

The Accomplice follows Detective Jake Pope as he reluctantly teams up with an international thief to take down the treacherous mob boss known only as Ms. Katya.