The Hitman Agency (2018)

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The Hitman Agency (2018) Poster
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Written and directed by Dominik Starck, The Hitman Agency (2018) stars Everett Ray Aponte, Don Wilson and Erik Hansen.

Lucas Kane (Everett Ray Aponte) is a hitman who has been assigned by his agency to take out a target, but a guy he believes to be a freelancer interferes. While he succeeds at the job, he is quickly given another task, to track down that same guy and retrieve the files from him that have information that could destroy the agency he works for. This guy with the files, Joseph (Erik Hansen), happens to be one of the best hitmen ever, but he has walked away from the life and has no desire to return. The agency believed him to be dead and he simply wants to be left alone, but Kane, a by-the-books assassin, won’t give up without getting what he came for and the two men experience a battle of wits with an element of torture thrown in, only to discover that the agency they both gave their lives to may not be what they thought and and they may just find that they, and others, are expendable.