The Invincible Armour (1977)

The Invincible Armour (1977)In The Invincible Armour (1977), Minister Cheng, who is the Emperor’s Minister, is an authoritarian ruler who arranges for Hu Lung, one of his old students, to distract General Chow while Hu Lung assassinates the leader of the Ming rebels. General Chow is blamed for the murder and he hunts for Hu Lung, but must avoid the authorities since he is a suspect. Hu Lung eventually finds Chow, but is thwarted by Hu Lung’s master, Phillip Ko (Minister Cheng’s brother), and Minister Cheng’s hired enforcer, Shen Yu who is suppose to arrest Chow for Minister Cheng.

While on the run Chow stays with two teenagers that live alone and Chow exchanges martial art techniques with them. They teach him the Iron finger technique, a technique that can break through the invincible iron armor defense, but his training is cut short when Shen Yu finds and arrests him again.

Shen Yu arrests Chow, but he does not want to kill him, he wants him to go to trial first and Shen Yu gives him three days to find the real murder. This goes against Minister Cheng’s orders to kill him and when Shen Yu and Phillip Ko get into a confrontation, Hu Lung and Chow escape. Hu Long then confesses to his master that he was ordered to kill the rebel leader, and Phillip Ko confronts Minister Cheng.

Phillip Ko also figures out that all this was part of Minister Cheng’s plans to eliminate the emperor’s loyal supports and then overthrow the emperor. Phillip Ko and Hu Lung plan an ambush for Minister Cheng, but the Minister has changed his Iron Armor technique and he tricks his brother, killing him. In the meantime Hu Lung escapes, pursued by General Chow. General Chow and Shen Yu defeat Hu Lung’s allies and continue to pursue Hu Lung, but they are too late and Hu Lung is killed by Minister Cheng. When Shen Yu finds a jade medallion that points to the real killer, he goes to the capital to confront Minister Cheng. Shen Yu is greeted by the Minister’s subordinates and Shen Yu kills them in a fight. The minister uses his Iron Armor technique and Shen is no match. General Chow jumps in to save Shen Yu and the two try to figure out where the Minister Cheng’s weak spot is. Minister Cheng tries the same trick but Chow is helped at the last second when the teens who taught him the technique arrive just in time. General Chow manages to hit Minister Cheng’s weak spot, defeating the Minister.

Director: See-Yuen Ng
Writer: Lu Tung
Stars: John Liu, Jang Lee Hwang, Chiang Wang