The Pacific Connection (1974)

The Pacific Connection (1974)

The Pacific Connection (1974) Poster
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Directed by Luis Nepomuceno, The Pacific Connection (1974) was written by Cesar Amigo, Jacques Eheen and Robert Ursue.

The Pacific Connection (1974) stars Modern Arnis Grandmaster and Filipino martial artist, Roland Dantes, along with Nancy Kwan, Guy Madison, Alejandro Rey, Gilbert Roland, Dean Stockwell, Hiroshi Tanaka, Elizabeth Oropesa, Fred Galang, Gloria Sevilla, Vic Diaz, Cole Mallard.

The Pacific Connection (1974) is about an avenging hero, who defeats the forces of oppression with the power of Arnis.

The film was nominated for two FAMAS Awards, one for Best Picture – Nepomuceno Productions and Best Director – Cirio H. Santiago.

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