Game of Death (1978)

Bruce Lee's Game of Death

Bruce Lee's Game of Death (1978)
Game of Death

Director: Robert Clouse
Starring: Bruce Lee, Colleen Camp, Dean Jagger

In Bruce Lee’s Game of Death (1978), a martial arts movie star must fake his death to find the people who are trying to kill him. This film uses portions of the original Game of Death, which was to be Bruce Lee’s introduction of Jeet Kun Do, but only 90 minutes of the original movie was filmed when Lee left to shoot Return of the Dragon (1974). Lee died before he could return to finish the original Game of Death so portions of the original were used in this version, which had a new plot.

Bruce Lee had to put the shooting of this film on hold in order to work on Enter the Dragon (1973). Bruce never finished Game of Death (1978) due to his passing. The film was later finished under the direction of Robert Clouse, [Enter the Dragon (1973)], and Sammo Hung and it was released in 1978, five years after Bruce Lee’s death.