Gorkha Protector (2012)

Stopping Human Trafficking

Shuny Bee Gorkha Protector
Shuny Bee Gorkha ProtectorMartial arts sensation, Shuny Bee, strikes the city of Kathmandu as the Gorkha Protector. His goal is to stop the human trafficking of young innocent girls. The movie is fiction, but it is based on real life situations which are still taking place in the country of Nepal.

Gorkha Protector pledges to bring an end to the human trafficking that has plagued his hometown. His dedication, determination and discipline play an important role in taking down the Gang Lord and his market that trades on human lives so that peace and harmony can reign in the city. This is an action packed drama, a fight for human rights and the movie was made without wires, animation, or special effects!