Jackie Chan Presents: Wu shu (2008)

Liu Fengchao (L) and Wang Wenjie (R) at the Wushu photocall at Cannes 08Jackie Chan Presents: Wu shu PosterJackie Chan Presents: Wu shu (2008) was written by Ho Leung Lau with the screenplay by Dennis Chan. It is directed by Antony Szeto. The film stars Sammo Kam-Bo Hung, Fengchao LiuWenjie Wang

In Jackie Chan Presents: Wu shu (2008) a group of young boys training at an elite martial arts school teaching the martial arts discipline of Wushu, become close friends and swear an allegiance to one another, forming a tight brotherhood. A decade later at graduation, they unexpectedly cross paths with an evil martial arts master and foil his kidnapping plan. Now they must put their combat skills to the test along with their friendships in order to defeat those who are involved in a child kidnapping ring.

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