Auction Hunters: Wire Gear
John Kreng, a stunt coordinator from Hollywood, certainly knows his stuff when it comes to wire gear. Needless to say, when he got a hold of Ton and Allen’s wire gear from the 40s, he was ready to cut a deal ASAP with our heroes.

Auction Hunters is an American reality television series that premiered on November 9, 2010, on Spike and is produced by Gurney Productions Inc.

Auction Hunters (Season 4, Episode 7) Flying Ton, Creeping Alan

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John Kreng has been studying martial arts since 1973 and currently holds third-degree Black Belts in Tang Soo Do and Te Katana Jujitsu. He has taught numerous professional athletes and actors to prepare for their acting roles. John is a very capable instructor and can train individuals for the playing field, the screen or for personal growth. As a stuntman, fight choreographer and/or stunt coordinator, John has worked with Jet Li, Tsui Hark, Steven spielberg, and Yuen Cheung Yen. John's love of martial arts action films has allowed him to contribute to many martial arts and film review magazines and web sites.