Ron Marchini

Actor and producer Ron Marchini (aka Ronald L. Marchini) is an American martial artist who was a champion at Renbukai Karate.

Ron wrote books on karate and renbukai with Leo Fong, a martial artist known for renbukai and Power training in Kung-Fu and karate.

In May 1964, at Takayuki Kubota‘s All-Stars Tournament in Los Angeles, California, Ron fought Chuck Norris, who earned his first martial arts tournament championship by defeating Marchini by a half a point.

Michael Chong, Joshua Johnson, and Ron Marchini in Death Machines (1976)
Michael Chong, Joshua Johnson, and Ronald L. Marchini in Death Machines (1976)

Ron Marchini starred or had roles in numerous films, including Murder in the Orient (1974), Slaughter in San Francisco (1974) [Yellow Faced Tiger], Death Machines (1976) (a film he also produced), and a tournament karate documentary titled The New Gladiators (1973), financed by Elvis Presley, Jungle Wolf (1986), Omega Cop (1990), Karate Cop (1991), Karate Raider (1995) and others.

Ron Marchini