My Lucky Stars (1985)

Hong Kong action comedy film My Lucky Stars (1985) is directed and stars Sammo Hung along with Jackie Chan, Biao Yuen and Ching-Ying Lam. It was released in Japan as 5 Lucky Stars and in the Philippines as Ninja Encounter. My Lucky Stars (1985) is the second film in the Lucky Stars series, and a semi-sequel to Winners and Sinners (1983). Many of the actors returned to Five Lucky Stars but with different character names and slightly different roles. The film was written by Barry Wong.

In My Lucky Stars (1985) A cop from Hong Kong named Muscles is in Japan chasing a bad Hong Kong cop. His cop partner gets taken by the ninja gang. Muscles gets his 5 old no-good friends from the orphanage to help find the bad cop. Lots of comedy and kung-fu fighting follows.

Undercover cop Muscles (Jackie Chan) enlists his childhood friends, the “Five Lucky Stars”, to travel to Japan to help him catch a Yakuza group.

A corrupt Hong Kong cop (Ching-Ying Lam) flees to Tokyo to join his fellow mobsters, who have a headquarters that are secretly built underneath an amusement park. Two loyal cops, Ricky (Biao Yuen) and Muscle (Jackie Chan), travel to Toyko catch him. They uncover the mobsters’ lair, but Ricky is kidnapped in a fight. Muscle goes into hiding and calls his supervisor to send help; since the mobsters already have information on the officers of the Hong Kong Royal Police Force, Muscle asks to send his orphanage friends, nicknamed the Five Lucky Stars, to Tokyo assist him. The supervisor agrees and collects the five friends, who are all either petty criminals or low-wage workers. They refuse to aid the police, but the supervisor cunningly sets up a false story in the media that accuses the five of robbing a bank of millions of dollars, blackmailing them into helping. They ultimately agree when the supervisor teams them up with a rookie policewoman, Swordflower (Sibelle Hu), who becomes the object of the five’s lustful desires. They travel to Tokyo and that night, Kidstuff (Sammo Hung), the Stars’ most rational and talented member, and Swordflower go to Muscle’s apartment. After defeating some thugs, Muscle reunites with Kidstuff. They set up an operation to send phony money to the mobsters so the five can enter their lair, and that way they can get closer to freeing Ricky and apprehending the criminals. After a prolonged battle ensues.

My Lucky Stars (1985) was released on February 10, 1985 in Hong Kong.