The Invincible Dragon (2019)

AKA Made in Kowloon and The Man with the Dragon Tattoo

The Invincible Dragon (2018)

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Update: We can expect to see a release date soon for The Invincible Dragon (2019) as Well Go USA has secured the rights to the film.

Chinese action star Max Zhang (Jin Zhang), who rose from stunt double in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon to an award-winning Best Supporting Actor in Wong Kar-wai’s The Grandmaster (2013), and Chinese-American actress Juju Chan, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny (2016), will face off against mixed martial arts fighting legend Anderson Silva in The Invincible Dragon (2018).

The film also stars Stephy Tang, Kevin Cheng and Sumyau Liu. Besides starring in the film, Stephen Tung, Downtown Torpedoes (1997), The Accidental Spy (2001), will also head the action choreography unit.

Fruit Chan will direct the film and Pegasus Motions pictures, the Wong Pak-ming-headed company, is backing the film.

The Invincible Dragon (2018) is about an undercover agent in Kowloon, China who has a dragon tattoo. He continually helped police to solve mysterious cases, which made him a rising star, however, his impulsive personality continually dragged him into trouble. He believes that a serial killer has abducted his niece and goes after the killer with a vengeance.