Gung Fu, JKD & MMA (2019)

Three martial artists. Triple crown meeting. Fight of no return.

Gung Fu, JKD & MMA (2019) PosterIn Gung Fu, JKD & MMA, three martial artists come together in a so called “Triple Crown Meeting” to discuss, share and demonstrate their unique styles, philosophies, and techniques. But conflict escalates until the ultimate fight takes place, and from this fight there is no return.

The film stars Dr. Z, Johnse Allende Jr., and Artem Mishin, with special appearances by Master Carter Wong, Nathan Young and Eric Jacobus.

The film is produced and directed by Dr. Z. Director of Photography is Eric Jacobus and the film is Edited by JM Tran.

Gung Fu, JKD & MMA is written by Chang Ching Wah with martial arts choreography by Dr. Z.

Gung Fu, JKD & MMA premiered in Los Angeles on August 16, 17, 18, 19, 2019. Screening details at

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