Europe Raiders (2018)

Europe Raiders (2018)Europe Raiders (2018) is a Chinese action thriller written and directed by Jingle Ma, who is also the cinematographer. It is the third film in the franchise he directed which includes Tokyo Raiders (2000) and Seoul Raiders (2006). The film stars Tony Chiu-Wai Leung, Kris Wu, Cung Le, JeeJa Yanin, Yan Tang, and Juan Du. The film is produced by Jacky Yee Wah Pang, and Kar-Wai Wong who was also the editor.

Europe Raiders (2018) is due out in theaters on August 23, 2018 in Hong Kong and August 30, 2018 in Singapore.

In Europe Raiders (2018) Lin Zaifeng and Wang Chaoying are the best bounty hunters in the business. Finding the immensely destructive ‘Hand of God’ will prove who is better the best. The only problem is that they are not the only people searching for the ‘Hand of God’. It will take Will Lin Zaifeng and Wang Chaoying working together to succeed, can they put their differences aside and work together to find the ‘Hand of God’ first?